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Child Support is not that Simple

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Many people think child support is a fairly simple issue, and for good reason. There are clear guidelines that dictate the calculation of child support payments. Each parent’s income is entered into a formula that takes into account the number of children, child custody arrangements and other factors. The formula then provides a payment amount.

On the surface, this seems easy. However, the challenge and the reason you need a trusted family law lawyer is not in the calculation, but in ensuring the numbers used in the calculation are accurate and determining whether there is a reason to deviate from the guidelines. We understand the intricacies of child support calculation, and we can help you be confident that payment amounts are accurate and fair.

Whether you need to calculate child support because you are going through a divorce or you are an unwed parent who needs child support as part of a paternity action, we are here for you. We can assist with modification and enforcement of child support obligations.

Making Sure The Numbers Are Correct

A formula is only as accurate as the numbers entered into it. If both parents have a single, clear source of income, making sure the number are correct is fairly straightforward. But what if one parent is self-employed? What if one parent owns a business or has multiple sources of income, including investment income, income from rental properties and more?

Raising a child is expensive and every little bit helps. We will make certain no income is overlooked in the calculation of child support. If there is reason to deviate from the child support guidelines, we will do so. This is common in cases involving children with special needs or parents with levels of income higher than those accounted for in the guidelines.

Free Consultations About Child Custody

Call 816-800-1370 or send us an email for more information about how our knowledge and skill can benefit you through the child support process.

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