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Criminal Defense

At Broussard & Ruhlman, P.C., we work to protect you from the worst consequences of a criminal conviction while expanding the options that can lead to a dismissal of the charges or a victory at trial.


We handle the full spectrum of criminal matters from misdemeanors to felony offenses:

  • Speeding Tickets and Traffic Citations

  • Drunk Driving; including repeat DWI and DUI minor

  • Drug crimes, including drug possession and prescription drug offenses

  • Violent crimes, including assault, domestic violence, robbery, manslaughter and murder

  • Theft offenses, from shoplifting and petty larceny to auto theft and grand larceny

  • Juvenile crimes, including drugs or alcohol, theft, sexual assault and school violations

  • Expungement and nondisclosure of criminal records

  • Probation violations

Convictions are Serious

If convicted, you could face fines, incarceration, probation and a life-long criminal record. Choosing your legal representation wisely is key to the outcome of your case and the impact these charges have on your future.

We also practice in family law, which often overlaps with criminal charges such as allegations of domestic violence in divorce and custody proceedings or violations of protective orders.

Free Consultations About Criminal Defense

Call 816-800-1370 or send us an email for more information about how our knowledge and skill can benefit you through the process.

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